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December 16, 2008

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First Look: Mossberg’s LBA Trigger System

LBAtriggerpress release Closeup Last week I had the good fortune of traveling to the brush country of South Texas to test Mossberg’s new Lightning Bolt Action Trigger System on one of their 4x4 rifles. I was hunting at the Callaghan Ranch north of Laredo, and when all was said and done, my live targets included a wild hog, two javelinas that fell to the same bullet, two whitetail does and one 150-class whitetail buck.

At first glance, the casual observer might deem the LBA trigger merely an imitation of Savage’s 5-year-old AccuTrigger, and indeed, the concept is the same: The trigger blade mechanism blocks the sear from releasing the striker until the blade is fully depressed. However, there are some distinct differences, and they aren’t all cosmetic. (It’s a lightning bolt. Get it?)

The LBA’s trigger blade is not nearly as deep as that of the AccuTrigger. In fact, without using a measuring device, I’d say it’s about two-thirds to half as deep. Considering one of the primary purposes of this type of trigger system is to eliminate trigger creep, I think it makes sense that there isn’t a lot of anticipation as you bring the blade flush with the trigger itself. Bottom line: When I wanted the 4x4 to fire, it broke crisply at that moment, and not a millisecond later.

Also, whereas the pull of the AccuTrigger is adjustable from 2.5 to 6 pounds with a small tool that comes with any rifle equipped with the trigger, the LBA is adjustable from 2 to 7 pounds with any standard screwdriver. This is good peace of mind, as tiny gun tools have the tendency to go missing at all the wrong times.

The hard-coat anodized aluminum LBA trigger system will be available on most of Mossberg’s 4x4 and 100ATR rifle models in 2009. –John Taranto




I love the Accu-trigger on my Savage. I want to see how good this new Mossberg trigger is in comparison. Especially if Mossberg brings the rifle out in .243 with this trigger!!
If this new trigger is all you make it out to be, I just might have to turn loose of a few sheckles and buy one.

Guy Sagi

I too was amazed the first time I touched off a round with the Accu-Trigger, but some of my co-workers who've shot the Mossberg are giving me incredible reports. Haven't had the opportunity to work one yet, but like you, I can't wait for some range time.